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Social Security Disability Appeals

Reconsideration of Your Disability Application

Have you been denied benefits? This is not uncommon, in fact, the majority of benefits claims are denied in the first process. As stressful as this situation may be, it is important to note that you can appeal these claims with the assistance of an aggressive and experienced lawyer. Our firm understands that it is important to you that you receive the benefits and disability that you deserve and we will fight hard to help you reach a favorable outcome.

Reconsidering your application requires four different phases and working with the Law Offices of Joseph J. Mancuso, PA can help ensure that these steps are completely correctly in a timely manner. The steps are: Reconsideration, Hearings, Review by Appeals Council and the Federal Court Review. During the Reconsideration process, your application will be reviewed by a non-biased third party who did not take part in the first decision to reject your claim. Evidence will be submitted and files will be re-reviewed to ensure that there was no human error involved.

The next step involves a hearing. This hearing will be held no further than 75 miles from your home and will be presided over by a judge and administrative council. It may be to your benefit to work with an attorney who will assist you in preparing for this hearing. Should your review come to the next step, the Appeals Council Review, a formal council will review your application and either deny or pass the application for benefits on to the Federal Court for further review. This entire process can be lengthy and may take up to a year to complete, which is why it is so important that you work with an Orlando Social Security Disability lawyer to assist you from beginning to end.

Legal Guidance During Your Disability Case Review

In order for you to receive the best available outcome for your Social Security Disability benefits, it may be beneficial to you to obtain the guidance of an attorney. The reliable and reputable counsel you will receive at our firm can help you obtain the decision you are aiming for. With the guidance of our staff, you can rest assured that all that can be done, will be done to help you settle your case. Being unable to work is difficult and providing for your family during this time may be hard; which is why it is so important that you receive the benefits that you have been denied.

Looking to appeal your denied disability claim? Contact Orlando Social Security Disability attorney Joseph J. Mancuso for a free consultation!

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